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Is there a way to play on Chromebook?

how do you play it?

Nice game but iv'e finished it really quick already so im wondering when the next update is, but great game love it and i hope this game continues to get updates! /\__/\

Awesome game but theres no way to lower the resolution. I cant see what people are saying because some of it goes offscreen!


this game gave me sweet sweet animal crossing vibes. well done, i'm looking forward for future games <3

How do i open this file? its a win64.rar. or do i need any program to run this game?

Hey! You need to unpack the rar file, if you have winZip, 7rar or winrar installed you can right click on the .rar-file and select "extract here" and it will unpack an .exe-file!

(If I'm not mistaken, if you don't have an unpacking software, you can open the .rar and drop and drag the .exe to your wanted location.)

Hope it goes well! :)


Very colorful game that controls well and was just generally a peaceful and cute time! Would be great for kids or just casual players. It has a dark premise but that’s almost refreshing for the type of game it is. Well done and i hope you do something more in a similar style in the future! 

i couldn't download it......

Could you describe your problem with why it doesn't work?

seems the left you on a... CLIFFhanger


Finally got to play today and had so much fun I streamed it. Lovely work. Kato is adorable and such a good boy. :)


So cute! I definitely cried when it got to the bit by the memorial. For some reason I wasn't able to dig properly with the xbox controller and had to use the keyboard, but that may have been me! A very satisfying game even though it was pretty short.

We're glad to hear you had a pleasant time :)
The thing about the digging is a bit strange, are you sure you were using the triggers and not the bumpers? I just double checked and it should work correctly... strange.

Could be! I haven't used this specific controller that often



This game (demo) is very well put together! It's so cute, fun, lovely to look at but yet it has a deeper meaning! Highly recommended game! :) Spare some time to explore the island!

Can't wait to see more!


hey there! Really cute game! Kato is a pretty clever dog haha! Anyways I really enjoyed playing it! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more infos :) 


I seriously hope it gets more development someday in the future! a lot of spirit and work was put into it! it would also fill me with joy ( the pun was intended )


super cute and enjoyable!


Played this at GGC and loved it. Such a wholesome game, thank you for making it and I hope you'll go back to it at some point!


Thank you for making this prototype, even though it will no longer be further developed, I hope one day you decide to return to it, until then thank you for this lovely slice of game.